Emergency Medicine Day 2023 - YOUR SAFETY - OUR PRIORITY

This year the Emergency Medicine Day campaign is dedicated to safety. Safety for our patients, who need care, attention and relief from pain and disease. Safety for our colleagues, who need to be able to work in a secure environment, for the right number of hours with the right number of patients in order to be able to give them the right amount of our time and energy.

Only in these conditions are we sure to provide  the patient with a safe haven in an emergency.

In the past, EM personnel, doctors, nurses and paramedics, were able to manage a prolonged disaster like the pandemic, using the strength that comes in an exceptional situation and the hope that everything will end. The pandemic is past but the working conditions have not improved. In last year’s campaign, we demonstrated how the risk of burn out is high among EM workforce and how the idea of giving up is creeping in.

Now we have learned that the patients and ourselves need to be allied with one voice to ask for more safety for all. We want to go on taking care of our patients, it is our job and our mission, but we want to do it with the necessary calm that  they deserve.

It is time for action. We are asking to raise your voice, whether you are an EM professional or a patient, and communicate what is needed to the managers and administrators.

We are asking for your pictures, your statements, your testimonies.

For professionals: we want to know how your workplace and your environment feels to you. Do you feel safe and protected, and respected as a person?

For patients:  We want to know if you  feel safe when you need to go to the ED and what is important for you

The 27 of May this year let us join together to ask for more safety in the Emergency Medical system!


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